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Larry Lupas has worked with Postal Service workers since 2003. His unique perspective of the job postal workers perform daily has given him insight into the financial services and products needed to insure and secure the employees and their families. He has been a featured speaker addressing financial services at many USPS retirement seminars. His expertise in advising postal employees has helped many employees insure coverage from injury and personal tragedy while assisting them in their preparation for retirement and beyond.


Life Insurance

Insurance to protect your income and family assets.

  • Term Insurance from Low-Cost Carriers

      • Family Income Protection
    • Permanent Life Insurance (Index Universal Life)
      • Dual-Purpose for Long-Term Care
      • Cash Value Accumulation
      • Legacy Enhancement
  • Child Coverage

Index Annuities

Guaranteed Income to secure your future.

  • For TSP/401k/IRA

  • No Market Risk

  • Guaranteed Principal

  • For Accumulation

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Financial Consultations

Advice on personal finance matters…

  • Information on Financial Products

  • Selection on Financial Products

  • 1 on 1 Consultations

  • Financial Advice

Professional Resources

Lupas Financial has an extensive network of professionals in many industries. Professionals include:

  • Realtors

  • Mortgage Professionals

  • Home & Auto Insurance

  • Attorney’s

  • Bankers

  • CPA’s

  • Estate Planning

  • …and more

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